posted by davidt on Tuesday November 09 2004, @09:00AM
BlueGirl writes:

Tune in VH1 Thursday night Nov. 11 at 10/9c to see what went wrong! Episode details:

"Over the past two seasons, Bands Reunited has tried to reunite many great bands. For the first time, you’ll see the methods we used to track down these musicians and hear about the unbelievable things we sometimes had to do to convince band members to reunite for one last concert. You’ll also see the greatest moments of our top-secret failed episodes and hear all about the bands that went so wrong, we couldn’t even make an episode out of them!

This special Backstage Pass episode takes you behind-the-scenes of our attempts to reunite ABC, The Alarm, Berlin, The Commodores, Dramarama, The English Beat, Extreme, A Flock of Seagulls, Frankie goes to Hollywood, Generation X, Haircut 100, Kajagoogoo, Klymaxx, Information Society, The Motels, New Kids on the Block, Romeo Void, Scandal, Shalamar, The Smiths, Squeeze, and Vixen."
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  • Ha! VH1 trying to get The Holy Smiths reunited
    it should be worth watching.
    (I was the first!). Off topic: great Pet Shop Boys concert last week in Mexico City.
    GabrielDeLuna -- Tuesday November 09 2004, @09:06AM (#136641)
    (User #12409 Info)
  • I'm definitely taping the show. If VH1 knew better, they would've left well enough alone. They probably just see the Smiths as "that band
    that did 'How Soon is Now?'". Lame wankers.
    the_london_dungeon -- Tuesday November 09 2004, @09:31AM (#136646)
    (User #3467 Info)
    In Mexico, I lay on the grass and I cried my heart out for want of my love
    • Re:We tried and we failed... by MondayToo (Score:1) Tuesday November 09 2004, @12:36PM
    • I think I read somewhere that they are THE most requested band to reunite. I'm sure VH1 figured what the hell, might as well give it a shot! Perhaps they thought if they got some dialogue going, maybe enough cash, why not? They obviously underestimated the stubborness of Morrissey (and Marr too).
      glam72 -- Tuesday November 09 2004, @09:21PM (#136750)
      (User #5468 Info)
  • have you seen that list????

    I mean ..Kajagoogoo FFS!!!

    some things are best left alone.
    Brighton Rich -- Tuesday November 09 2004, @09:48AM (#136652)
    (User #8270 Info)
  • Any guesses? (Score:1, Interesting)

    It will be interesting to see what footage (if any) they were able to pull together on The Smiths. Any guesses?

    I can't imagine they would even have captured any video/audio of Moz unless it's a shot outside his front gate, him driving past them in his car or running away from them onto a tour bus. Marr may have actually stopped long enough to say, "no comment" or "not gonna happen mates." As far as Andy and Mike are concerned I could see them sitting down with VH-1 and saying they would be willing to do it but also adding that they knew Moz and Marr would not be interested.

    Consequently my guess would be that the amount of time they devote to The Smiths on the program will at best be stock footage or sketchy bits as noted above with a voice over rehashing the original split and subsequent court case. They may then add a bit about what the members are doing now. Nevertheless it will still be interesting to see how far they got in the process.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 09 2004, @10:17AM (#136661)
    • Re:Any guesses? by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday November 10 2004, @05:04AM
  • ummm....A Flock of Seagulls were at the Inland Invasion show that Morrissey was supposed to be at. So, they did reunite.
    This is confusing. Did they just not want to reunite for VH1?
    And Dramarama is currently playing shows:
    Upcoming Dramarama Shows:
    12/04/04 (NEW DATE) Seattle, WA Fenix / Fenix Underground
    1/14/05 (NEW DATE) West Hollywood, CA (Sunset Blvd.) House Of Blues
    1/15/05 (NEW DATE) Anaheim , CA (Downtown Disney) House Of Blues

    Maybe VH1 sparked the interest in them reuniting and they then did it on their own later?
    I haven't seen this episode so I don't know how things hashed out,
    someraincoatedlovers -- Tuesday November 09 2004, @10:26AM (#136663)
    (User #10290 Info)
  • Any ideas when this will be on in the UK?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 09 2004, @11:00AM (#136670)
    • Re:Any guesses by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday November 12 2004, @07:26PM
  • Like I saw them well like not reeallly because it was a cheap rip off. Cuz like no one was there except Terri Nunn and like I was thinking where are the other dudes. But, she still had the nerrrrve to call her the band Berlin. I guess in retro-spect she is Berlin. Why am I complaining? I will stop now.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 09 2004, @11:07AM (#136672)
  • if the Smiths do reunite it will be a major thing, a massive show or major tour, they are not going to do it on a backstreet cable music channel. The Smiths are at least two levels above any of the other groups mentioned in this piece - The Alarm or Frankie Goes to Hollywood were ephemeral groups whom no-ones really interested in anymore. Surely The Smiths must be the most eagerly awaited and impirtant potential reunion of any rock band in the world?! The Smiths must surely be the last 'great' English band, and there are not too many worldwide to rival them - perhaps the Pixies, but I don't think too many here would class them in the same league.
    JonnersB -- Wednesday November 10 2004, @02:00AM (#136762)
    (User #8247 Info)
    Would you like to note my inside-leg?
  • I find it somewhat offensive that the Smiths were put on VH-1's must-get list along with 'bands' like New Kids on the Block, Vixen, Klymaxxx. It's like the program directors sat down, had a 5 minute brainstorming session, and just randomly named a bunch of 'forgotten' 80's bands.

    None of those bands deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as the Smiths.

    Outside of the feeble mainstream media, who only cares about what is happening NOW! NOW! NOW!, the Smiths are very much alive & well & were never forgotten.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 10 2004, @08:59AM (#136795)
  • They tried reuniting Shalamar? Wonderful!!!
    broccoli_spears -- Wednesday November 10 2004, @01:06PM (#136856)
    (User #3308 Info)
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  • I don't count stamding outside of the Apollo theater for 5 hours an attempt to reunite the Smiths, judging by the other great lengths this show has gone thru to reunite bands, this was the lamest attempt ever.

    All we see is Moz showing up for the show going the the back door, whilst the VH1 crew stand across the street going "Moz, Moz!"

    Hardly counts as an attempt. There was no attempts to talk to Mike or Andy or Johnny. This was pathetic.

    There is no way, shape or form, that Im implying that they would have a chance in hell, but if I had to waste many of my 30 minutes of life watching them run all over the world for groups like, New Kids, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, et al then dont try to scavenge ratings by implying they made "attempts" to reunite the Smiths.

    Rubbish! Log Vh1 as "Flamebait"
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 11 2004, @09:00PM (#137060)
  • I was intrigued to see the show last night. Primarily, they did not do any research to show that the four members would not be in a room together, unless their corpses were dragged in. But also, I was hoping to see some dialogue between Moz and the cast. I was on pins and needles to hear his biting words on this topic. He would have tore them up. Instead, they track him down to the Apollo, wait 5 hours to see him run through the stage door. Then they just gave up. Tisk, tisk. No perseverance, my sons. If they were the "holy grail", you'd think you would try a little harder.
    mozlike -- Friday November 12 2004, @06:16AM (#137134)
    (User #11690 Info)
    I am MINE!

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