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Five-man baggy band from London, UK. Members: Liam Maher, Tim Dorney, Joe Maher, Andy Jackson, John Tuvey, Barry Mooncult Other Members: John O'Brien, Mickey Leader

Topper Headon also played percussion for them on tour. They were managed by Des Penney.

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Flowered Up were an English indie pop-alternative dance band, formed in Camden Town, London in 1989, active during the Baggy movement. Their 13-minute single "Weekender" reached the UK top 20. The band split up in 1994 amid drug problems. Following a failed reformation attempt in 2007 and a solo record deal that fell through, frontman Liam Maher died from a heroin overdose in 2009, followed by his brother Joe also of a heroin overdose in 2012.