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Sunday October 31, 10

I'm sure you wonder where I've been....

11:33 PM

Or not.

Sometimes, I start writing an entry, but stop myself. I'm not really sure why, but I always mean to revisit this journal, but get hung up/busy/whatever.

Hello! I am now a resident of (very) south texas and have a job in public interest law!

I started about 6 weeks ago.

I just came back from two weeks of training in St. Louis. Even though it's in the same timezone, I feel jet lagged. It makes me wonder how much of crap from traveling is from changing timezones and how much is from a major change in environment.

I had to live a lot like I was in Europe. I didn't have a car, used the commuter rail to get around, and didn't see many of the amenities that I was used to.

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