se repenti fort (15856)

Thursday April 30, 09

me, morrissey & the future

08:00 AM

music: This Used To Be The Future by Pet Shop Boys
mood: awake & hungry

the dream i just awoke from was real intense man and Moz played a side role in it
it started with me and my buddy Andi deciding to road trip to Mexico city to see Moz perform(a crazy idea i know)
the time was somewhere near now, but as we hit the road out of San Francisco something happened
next thing i knew i was no longer in a car but instead on my feet(which had no shoes on them)
Andi was no longer there and the landscape which stretched out before me was familiar yet alien
it was Mexico city to be sure, yet not the one i remember from when i went there like 15 years ago
still, i saw a billboard for Moz performing which for some reason i could read(though i know little Spanish)
then there was this bustle of crowd coming towards me and i began to climb
see, the place was filled with these strange crystal towers and new ones that were being put up
they started out hollow but with a rebar lattice work that these crystal structures grew into i surmised
i climbed up to the top of one that was empty and saw Moz at the center of this phalanx of security making his way to this large building which i assume is where the concert was going to happen
the leading edge of the crowd was coming towards me, they seemed to be photographers of some kind and a lot of them
it struck me even then, in the dream, that it was odd for so many paparazzi to be still stalking Moz, but before i knew it, the crowd was under my tower like a flood
then they were all just gone as soon as they came
then i looked up and saw some floating craft, part balloon - part ufo, it was then i just knew i was in some future or alternate reality
i wanted to climb down, but i had no shoes! & the ground had felt weird under my feet
i mean it looked like dirt but felt like some spongy membrane
still, when this guy started climbing up towards me with flip flops in his hand
i took them from him(even though i h8 flip-flops) and then went down
he seemed to be some kind of worker on these crystalline things
next i found myself on some big huge underground transport hurtling home i hoped, i had just got on the one that would take me home to the good old USA
i told no one i was from the past, i thought i might get in trouble or something
but while on this "super-subway" i further figured out that
the world had suffered some cataclysm, the transport was not going to California, for there was no California anymore!
i did not know what happened to it, but it was gone, under water, blown up, all that and more
so i no longer could return not even to my time, but also not my place
at that point i was very sad in my dream and wanted to wake up
which i did once i decided to go look for Moz in it, since he was the only thing familiar from "my world" in it
i thought he might have the answers if i could see him and speak to him
then i woke up in the here and now, thank God!

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