se repenti fort (15856)

Wednesday April 15, 09

my most recent dream, tax day & coachella

10:32 AM

music: It's My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry by Glasvegas
mood: good, ive got Dim Sum!

so last night i slept soundly and had placid dreams
i dreamt that i saw people i have not seen in years, no not her, but of others, people far less important than her
& you know what?
there was nothing there, just the deadness of time
it was nice, untroubled sleep is something to be thankful for and i am
yes, yoga is something i am going to keep doing
tonite i go to a class in a church
how cool is that!?
also, my taxes are done and sent
are yours?
if not, shame on you
moving on
Andi and me head off to socal late thursday night to go to Coachella
it should be great and i really look forward
we'll stop by my mom's 1st though
she is losing her house, which is sad, but i will remain positive and upbeat
you cannot let these things get you down, you know?
yeah, another trip will be good
and Andi and me have not done a "road trip" in years
also, i feel i have lost some of what i brought back with in me from NZ these last 2 weeks here @ "home"
i hope this little journey brings more of it back!

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