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Sunday August 31, 08

You Are Your Self

09:55 AM

I have been busier lately, actually becoming part of humanity, a little. A little more than a little. What a grueling thing. Some people make it worth while though. Sometimes.

I am tinged with hate.
I'm over the cliff edge.
That part of me that was so gullible GONE.
Now I see you clearly.
You're F'in UGLY.
Never did see, such a gruesome thing.
You'll never change, I've given up hope.
No more forgiveness lives.
You've murdered every drop.
It's all dead now.
What's left.
Just your monstrousity,
A little debt.

That was not about Morrissey. It is about someone who would never willingly have Morrissey or The Smiths on the air. Only what promotes gullibility is what is allowed in her domain. The equivalent of being lobotomized. Oh how she would be keen to lobotomize me. Oh yes. I bet it's almost a sexual urge she has.

She wouldn't have the guts to lobotomize herself though, so she can't win.

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