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Friday August 08, 08


11:25 PM

This loneliness.
It's pretty intense.
It seems that the more time I spend with people,
The stronger the sensation of alienation,
But that's just because of the vivid contrast,
Outside/inside, ouch.
We try though, to make a bridge.
It gets lost in the shuffle,
The paper shuffle,
The neurotic coping strategies.

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  • This one is really good.

    I agreed with your sentiments regarding Kylie too... I don't think she should have got an OBE, but then I don't think any pop star should... or actors either! But that's because I am old fashioned and think they should be for something more. I know she does a lot for charity, but even so... anyway, the point is, I like Kylie, I like her pop music and the fact that she doesn't take herself too seriously... unlike certain people I know...

    But the fact that Moz is so flawed makes me love him all the more. In fact, I feel slightly cheated every time he does a concert and fails to make a ridiculous comment against someone else!
    Kitty3780 -- Saturday August 09 2008, @05:42AM (#309295)
    (User #17786 Info |!/Kitty3780)
    "There is something I wanted to tell you..."
    • Re:Wow by redpathetic (Score:1) Wednesday August 13 2008, @04:29AM

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