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Sunday October 17, 10

Flowers in the Attic

05:05 AM

Dear stranger on facebook,

I hope you don't feel upset by me contacting you. My name is Jehne. I found you through a comment you left on Dawn's online tribute site. Your message was very touching and I decided to take a chance reaching out to you.

Maybe you never heard of me. But I was Dawn's best friend when I lived in Akron. I met her when we were both ten years old. We were inseparable for three years. I had some of my most formative and memorable experiences during that time with Dawn. She has never left my heart.

We parted ways in eight grade--choosing different social groups and interests. A year later I moved to Florida with my family. I did return a few months later with my dad, as he had some business to rap up in Akron. During that trip I saw Dawn for the last time.

Dawn was a beautiful girl; all the boys liked her. And the teachers liked her as well. We were both in advanced placement classes together. I think there was a bit of competition between us to be the teacher's pet. She was much quieter than me and loved to read. I hated reading back then. If we had to do a book report, I would try to get the summary from Dawn so that I wouldn't have to read the book. Her favorite book back then was "Flowers in the Attic." Perhaps it was a foreshadowing of what was to come--to have ones spirit imprisoned and not knowing how to set it free. I have been down that road myself and never thought I would survive and thrive once again. Perhaps after so many years of pain and disappointment, Dawn lost the energy to press on.

Dawn and I shared a love for Pink Floyd's "The Wall." Because she had an older brother, David, who played guitar, she was in the loop to what constituted as good music.

Dawn was picked to play Sandy in our six grade play "Grease." I was so jealous. I got the part as narrator--due to by big mouth that could be heard across the auditorium without a microphone.
Dawn's sister Diane went with us wherever we went as Dawn was responsible for her care while her mother worked. Those two were truly latchkey kids before that term was in vogue.

Dawn and I were little delinquents back then... mostly engaging in small time stuff like shoplifting, smoking... neither of us got caught in the act; but I know her mom thought we were a lethal combination. My parents kind of shared the same opinion.

Maybe they were right. But I don't have any regrets about that time together. I truly loved her very much.

A little over a year ago, I was curious and decided to do a Google search for her name to see if I could find what she was up to. After searching for a while, I tried my luck with public records e.g. marriage and court. To much dismay I learned that she had been arrested and convicted of heroin possession not long ago. I was shocked at first but not all that surprised. Dawn took a strong liking to partying at a very young age. I thought about contacting her. But I didn't think it was appropriate unless I was willing to get involved. And I wasn't prepared to help anyone as I was desperately trying to heal from the loss of my brother Jeff in 2005--to suicide.

I suspect that Dawn took her life. Am I correct? Tears are flowing down my face as I type. I couldn't find any information online except a minimalist obit. Usually when the cause is left out it is from suicide. Our society still treats suicide as shameful. What it truly is instead is extremely painful for the survivors.

If you could send me a quick note--filling in the blanks, I would be very grateful.

What was Dawn like as an adult? How old is her son Kyle? (I have a nineteen year old son myself.) And how did Diane end up in Nicaragua?

I patiently wait for your reply.


P.S. I am very sorry for your loss.

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