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Friday October 08, 10

Subpar Remark

12:18 AM

Some of us, myself included, feel first and think later--quick reactors. Morrissey is also a member of this distinct group. We QRs are opinionated, passionate, sensitive, and oftentimes lack impulse control. It isn't that we are irrational or ignorant. Often we are highly informed about the subjects we care so deeply about. The key is to try to avoid making black and white statements which inevitably result in our message being lost to the messenger.

Morrissey's 'subspecies' remark is a good example of this. He is being crucified because his comment was/is racist. No one cares why he said it. Point is he said it. Message lost to messenger. He could have avoided this by stating that these specific furriers are a subspecies (subhuman). Instead, he erroneously labeled all Chinese persons to be members of this cruel subspecies. His ad hominem comment fallaciously included the entire population of China rather than the inhumane few. Messenger lost the message from the get go. Racist laced remarks, no matter how well intentioned they are, will fall on deaf ears.

Think about some of the sickest fuckers in history e.g. Nazis! Now imagine if the allies--and other countries--labeled all Germans as cruel, psycho subhumans. It would be factually incorrect as we know that not all Germans embraced Nazi ideology.

That being said, I will add that Germans of World War II were not innocent bystanders. They played a part in this dark course in history and must be held accountable. No action is an active decision to do nothing. It is not a passive thing. It is direct--a fully energized choice to do something called nothing.

So too, the Chinese citizens are not innocent. At the very least, they are responsible for the culture they share. Granted, they don't have the same freedoms we westerners have to speak out against things we find objectionable. Perhaps we do have an obligation to be a voice for them--to put pressure on the Chinese government. But we won't win any hearts or minds if we use racist language. Diplomacy is key.

Morrissey's complaint is justified--minus the racist tint. I have seen this video capturing live dogs being skinned by Chinese furriers. It ranks in the top three visuals that continue to haunt me today--a third trimester abortion and the decapitation of Danny Pearl being the other two. Do I wish I had never viewed these three videos? No, rather, I wish these three videos could never pass for reality. Sadly, these truths are much sicker and horrific than my worst nightmares.

Don't stay silent. Silence is not passive resistance. Silence is active cowardice.


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  • Diplomacy is, indeed, the key, I agree, as a way of working towards positive change in anything.

    Also agree that silence only shows cowardice as fear is usually at the root of silence brought on by denial.

    J. Razor -- Sunday October 10 2010, @12:52AM (#357699)
    (User #724 Info)
    I'm Alone
    • Re:Diplomacy by realitybites (Score:1) Sunday October 10 2010, @04:55AM
  • Hello Reality Bites it has been so long since we last spoke.Yrs!,yet I have you on my FB..I hope you and your family are in the best of health. :)

    I find this to be so true. We do act upon second thinking many a times. Which if we all took the cue on our first instinct, things may just work out a little better for us all!.it has to be out of love.
    We are living in a sickening world. We could all just turn around and forget about it.
    But then, where would my grain of sand be.
    Politics is not my thing. I truly care very much, for our planet and the people and animals that are around me, only because this is where I can make some action. So I try to help out where ever I can. I had a huge garden which I tended to last winter through Spring. I loved how I was able to teach the children in this Community about gardening.Oh! and I am taking care of a friends Pooch as I write this.. Fuji,(fujiramma! haha she never wants to go for a walk! drives me Nuts! this freinds needs the Animal psychic!).So I take the cue and do what I want to do , I try not to be hard headed nor lazy. I believe we can do a lot to help our community with our spare time.
    Love, Passion,being Fearless are the things that I want to fight for.
    Let me tell you this was wonderfully put. I believe we all have a hard core deep inside. We have been born into a terrible way of life and as we live on we learn more and more. Good and bad,
    Yet we all must do our part on what we believe in and what has been brought to our attention.

    Our Parents while growing up.
    The people that were around us, as we grew up and were becoming more knowledgeable about our surroundings.
    The energy that was around us.
    The effect others caused as we grew to maturity.
    How we played.
    How we reacted,Were we afraid, surprised,Left alone.
    There is so much that can be said about who we are and why we react and do,say, and think,
    Yet, some things, have to be nipped off quickly.
    In this case,
    When certain situations come to every individuals attention.
    There are millions and millions of persons on this planet.
    We all share this planet, that has proved to be a complete rare Gem. all we can do is our part when it is time for you ,me, to act.. Lets hope that we always, will take that cue at the precise time. Let us keep sharing our knowledge.
    And remember a golden rule.

    Hmm It got me thinking.. I like this very much.
    Thank you for this information.
    If there is someone I know that knows a lot about the Earth is you:)
    Thank you for putting this out.
    Hugs and I hope that dispite it all I hope you are trying to live as happy day to day as you can..
    You must!:)
    Ciao Bella.

    A Golden Rule to live by
    One should treat others according to how one would like others to treat one's self.

    No buts about it. I will do and not expect in return.(Hard to do)
    It is the best way to live.
    We shall never control anyone nor should we want to (Family First) Yet, we can encourage to do what is morally beneficial.

    Happy Falls!:) Hugs!
    Marisela -- Sunday October 10 2010, @01:14PM (#357719)
    (User #1865 Info)
    • Re:Hello by realitybites (Score:1) Tuesday October 12 2010, @12:10AM

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