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Saturday February 28, 09

Tossing Autonomy Into the Bin

07:55 PM

Voluntary relinquishment of autonomy... exercising the freedom to choose to not have choice. Sounds crazy eh? You can't relate, you say?!

Ask yourself these questions to find out if you are living a life in chains rather than being a free agent.

Do you believe in a god(s) or higher power?

Do you think that the government should regulate marriage, drug usage, sexual relations, and foodways?

Do you believe in karma, fate, or destiny?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are not free--by choice.

If you want to be free, you must bury your god--a god that was created by simple human minds long ago. You cannot be free if you have a puppet master telling you what to think and how to act. You believe in patriarchy.

If you believe the government should function as your parent--telling you what to eat, who you can marry, and what drugs you can consume, then you have kicked your autonomy to the curb in favor of paternalism.

Last, if you believe that there is a plan--a path with your name on it, then you believe that your life's meaning and course of action are preordained. You are a docile body merely following the laws of the universe. You believe you are powerless.

Those who truly celebrate freedom reject patriarchy, paternalism, and powerlessness.

Those who choose to be ruled and regulated by invisible, constructed forces have decided that enslavement is a good thing.

But why? Why reject freedom?

Well, freedom can be a frightening reality to embrace. It has conditions attached that you must accept. Being free necessitates that you be responsible for your thoughts, ethics, and actions.

Freedom means accepting the absurdity that you will die and that you have only one life to live. It necessitates that you make the best of this short time. There are no second acts. This play ends after act one.

Freedom means that you have no purpose. There is no compass to guide you. You are on your own. You must create meaning for your life. You are the conductor of your orchestra.

Freedom requires you to educate yourself and make sound choices regarding your diet, relationships, and drug use. Paternalism is not compatible with freedom.

Lastly, freedom requires you to accept the fact that life is unfair. There is no karmic justice. Your good deeds will go unrewarded after your death. And evil persons who are not punished by our criminal justice system, will not be punished after death by god or karma. They will literally get away with murder.

Freedom is no free lunch. It has a price--conditions. People defend the idea of freedom of speech. They often fight tooth and nail for it. Yet, these same people don't embrace freedom in all these other areas.


Fear. Fear of death... fear of walking life's tightrope without a safety net... fear of making mistakes that can't be corrected or forgiven by a loving god... fear of feeling insignificant... fear of being the choreographer of your own life... fear of the notion that you are alone--there is no loving, forgiving god looking out for your best interests. To be blunt, it means knowing and accepting the fact that the universe could give shit. The ball is in your court.

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  • Yet, I am relentless of all you have said.
    See,I believe we all have a need to believe. A need to believe in something higher then ourselves.
    A moral, when it comes to sex and a hope such as karma, faith or some sort of faith in the future.. We are human and we "need" human contact.
    I certainly do believe that we as humans can take things way to far.. See, some just have bigger and more power filled mouths! Completely Fanatical s! And they take things to extremes and do not let us live our own lives without being judged.
    Yet,still we do have a need.
    1.Yes, a need for believing in God.
    or something bigger then ourselves.Have you ever been in such a jam that you pray!?
    I believe we all have. this shows that we as humans have what is called Instinct. Weather we want it or not.
    So It seems best to go with the flow then against it.So I try to go with my flow.
    God Help me! lol
    2.Sex, yet, how far or how much of a need are we depriving or misusing?! I mean, we as humans can take or miss use anything really, like phones computers drugs alcohol,money. For it is an addictive component?
    Yet we get automatically attached!even in the slightest most insignificant manner or person. My gosh how could we not when end up sharing our very souls!.Yes, we can become Fanatical, when it comes to sex.
    3.Karma, fate, or destiny, we all need hopes and dreams, we were born as babies learned from all around us we are humans and will no matter what we will affect others in our lives like an electric shock sent through a line. Such as I am doing now. Whether you like what I say or not. We are human.I believe that some things need to be looked at as destiny, or else things would go to waste for most!..:)I guess it is more like being responsible.Like "This is your destiny. and some have even become Wow, Heroes! and yes it was the right way.
    I can surely understand what you have written..:)
    And there is always something to learn or to say and no matter how far you take it. You are you. and will be you.
    I wish you the best of knowledge for we all will be learning till the day we die.
    Thank you for the read.
    I hope you are in the best of health.
    It is a lovely day out here in California. But them damn damned birds were just tooo churpy this morning! haha..oh well.

    Viva La Vida!:)
    Marisela -- Sunday March 01 2009, @09:19AM (#322902)
    (User #1865 Info)
  • I'll never be free, so long as this site exists!
    alainsane -- Wednesday March 04 2009, @06:35PM (#323177)
    (User #460 Info)

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