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Thursday July 24, 08

lossless love?

09:17 AM

The timeless question that all philosophers ponder...

QUESTION ~ Is it better to have loved and lost that love, or to have never loved at all?

MY ANSWER ~ There is only one correct answer: It is better to have loved and lost because ALL love ends in loss. Not even one loving relationship will sidestep this terrible fate. Love is mortal. Even if we never divorce our spouses/significant others or sever our ties with friends or family, we will eventually bury our love or s/he will bury us.

But this love is what puts a smile on our faces and a skip in our steps. And isn't love what gives life meaning? Loving fully and being loved by others is worth it--even knowing that one day it will end.

The only way that loss of romantic love can be avoided is by a double suicide. But this is not a very good solution--unless of course, both of you are very old or suffering from a painful, terminal illness--because there will still be losers. Loss will be felt by those you leave behind. All love ends in loss. There is no lossless love.

So, you must be feeling sad now. Don't fret. We are all in the same boat. So, lets go ahead and embrace the absurdity of life, love, and loss by watching this classic weep inducer. Nietzsche would approve, I'm sure.

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