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Friday July 04, 08

light bulb moment

06:46 AM

I have an absolutely brilliant idea; and I'd like to share it with all of you. As most of you know, Canada has refused to stop the annual seal cull. Despite protests by PeTA, Morrissey, and most Canadians, it continues. Wikipedia: Seal Hunting

But I have a plan that may save the day--or the seals. And it is important to put it into action as soon as possible. The next cull is only ten months away.

Here is what we have to do. It is going to be a grassroots effort. Anyone can help the cause but it will be up to the Canadians to do most of the legwork. Actually, it will be up to the Muslim Canadians. We need them now more than ever. Since many sacrifices have been made for them, I think it is time for them to give a little back to their country.

Muslims find many things to be offensive because of their religious beliefs. They have had great success in the legal system by getting laws passed in their favor or by having certain offensive things banned. Canada has accommodated them nicely when they complained about speech, cartoons, ham sandwiches served in public schools etc. Canadians don't want to offend anyone--least of all those who are religious.

So, all we/they need to do is file a formal complaint with the Human Rights Commission. The complaint is that they, as Muslims, find it highly offensive to kill seals for food--it is forbidden under Muslim dietary laws--sort of like pig. And, killing seals for fur or any other reason is absolutely unacceptable. If they can convince the Commission that any harm to baby seals is regarded, in Islam, to be way more offensive than cartoons of Allah and Mohammad, ham sandwiches in public schools, and coed Phys-Ed, the seal cull will be outlawed--clearly, without a doubt, ruled to be a human rights violation.

Think it could work?

P.S.-Eat your heart out PeTA. Human rights trumps animal rights. Yes, yes, I know what you are thinking. Do Muslims have the right to force the majority to cater to the sensibilities of a religious minority? No they don't. But that is not the point. Sometimes the end does justify the shitty means. And I think this is a good example of where this would be so. Surely we can ignore logic and pander to ridiculous fundamentalists--just this one time--for the seals. Let's be hypocritical and inconsistent for the little pups. Oooo, but would this precedent be the push that would set us off down the slippery slope? Probably. Yes. But those seals are so darn cute.

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