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Sunday June 29, 08

drowning, mind-rattling, in a giant tidal wave of bookmarks

08:08 PM

I am drowning--suffocating under a tidal wave of bookmarks. The weight--the pressure--is killing me. OK--not killing--but definitely causing stress to my mind and bod.

There is at least one hundred pesky links-to-visit-in-the-future saved on my PC. I don't even want to think about the ones saved off-site in my account. I don't really like that site. a misnomer. It should be called des.truc.tive. It is a trap--a website designed to pull you in and never let you go. And this is without even considering its social feature. Social... what site doesn't now bill itself as a social, meet friends, make contacts, and get laid--all in one cyber space place?! And how many do you belong to? I have accounts with MySpace, Digg, Virb, COLOURlovers, YouTube, flickr... and several others. And I am sure there are many more with my name on them. Oh gosh, I almost forgot about the forums--the music, movie, and politically-themed discussion communities that offer a free membership to anyone interested in offering an opinion.

I had a Facebook page but it was hacked into a few months back. I even had a great password--strong, according to the password, e-meter reader. This e-meter is probably manufactured by the same company that makes the E-Meters for Scientology cult recruiters--collectors of secrets to be used for future blackmailing--if needed--which they always do because everyone will try to leave this cult at some point in their future--at moment(s) of clarity--even if few and far between. See what all this book marking is doing to my cognitive abilities? Run-on sentences--oh the shame--the tragedy--the melodrama--to say the least!

Am I making any sense?

Even if not, I am glad I unloaded that problem. I feel much better. Now if I could just unload some of these bookmarks. Did somebody say delete button?

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  • . . . are like little cups of memory, bringing back why they are there and why I visited them every time I see them. Which is why I always delete them, unless they are entirely innocuous. Were, rather: I no longer have the internet - partly because it became to heavy with rememberance and meaning. (I am currently in an internet cafe).

    But I sometimes come back to say hello - and with that, Hello, and I hope things are calm and soothing where you are.

    Take care :)xXx
    Poppycocteau -- Tuesday July 01 2008, @09:39AM (#306476)
    (User #9489 Info)
    We are ugly but we have the music

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