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Monday April 14, 08

I have forgiven Morrissey!

12:09 AM

Major kudos to Morrissey. I am so happy that he will be playing in Tel Aviv--a much, much, much better choice than Tehran!

I am not mad anymore. Time to bury the hatchet :)
Just please, stay away from Iran.

PS--That promo video is adorable!!!

PPS-- My ex-husband lives in Israel--he's Israeli. And, July 29th is his birthday. And he is a Moz fan. I have a feeling he will be in the audience that night.

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  • I had only lazily clicked on the pic of the vid and it didn't respond and your post made me look deeper and find that video. He looks well.
    redpathetic -- Monday April 14 2008, @12:19AM (#300309)
    (User #6184 Info)
    Happy in this final acceptance of his own absurdity...Albert Camus
  • lol (Helps to bury the hatchet!)

    Aww that sounds wonderful.. I hope your husband is in the audience....:)

    Im pretty excited about this show to!

    Have a great week!

    I'm going to bed now..
    Oh I have been saying this for about an hour now..
    but yes..
    Goodnight to you.
    Marisela -- Monday April 14 2008, @12:21AM (#300311)
    (User #1865 Info)
    • Re:Yay! by realitybites (Score:1) Monday April 14 2008, @01:09AM

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