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Tuesday March 11, 08

out of exile

09:13 AM

Like a moth to the light, I find it hard to avoid writing in my Solo journal. Much as I would like to be satisfied with my MySpace blog, it just seems that I feel freer to be myself here. Probably because I have always been open, assertive, opinionated, controversial, passionate, angry, emotional, logical, illogical... I have never censored my writing. I write very spontaneously--when the spirit moves me. And I don't stew over my text. It is a first and final draft--always. Of course, sometimes I have to go back and correct for any typos. But I very rarely change the mood or content of any entry. My thoughts and feelings are captured in time and put to permanence in my journal. If I did take more time to write, perhaps my writing would be more richly developed and more entertaining to read. Problem is, I have no desire to be clever or witty. I don't want to write with the purpose of amusing my readers. I want to write to communicate ideas.

So anyhow, do I have something to say today? Sure do. First, I want to say that I am deeply saddened to learn that Lon (Larry) has died. Now I don't have a firsthand account. But a blogger named Colleen/Kali posted a journal entry saying as much. I don't trust the women worth a darn. She is either severely mentally unstable or just plain viscous. But this doesn't automatically suggest that all she says is false. Lon has not been around for some time. So I am thinking it is most likely true. Very sad.

Another thing on my mind is this silly obsession that many fans at Solo have with Moz's so-called support of Obama. That is fine that he likes Obama. Many people do. But Morrissey is not American. And he cannot vote; nor can he contribute financially to Obama's campaign. Basically these restrictions placed on non-Americans suggest that their opinions do not count. So, since when should Americans follow the lead of a Brit when it comes to voting for a U.S. President? This is just another example of the blind leading the blind, the sheep following the shepherd... over the cliff?!

Do you honestly think that any English citizens look to Eddie Vedder for guidance in choosing their next Prime Minister?

Now, I dunno if it is only Americans getting woodies for this Moz/Obama connection or if it also includes Brits. That would really be absurd, now wouldn't it?! Brits supporting an American presidential candidate because their expat British hero likes him--well that's just quite laughable.


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  • Lol you really have me likeing your way of being..
    I also hide nothing.. I am who I am..
    I speak and talk crap just as all do..
    Here I can also be open and I don't care what anyone has to say..
    Yet I am compassionate and try not to hmm ok Curse!
    But yes I see that it is difficult to trust people.. and yeah what the hell.. Kali.
    Wow Elvis Presley really has me going today?:)

    Yes, this Obama thing has us all riled up...
    I am American and never have nor ever will vote.

    Yet the fuckers have to, deal with me. And I can watch over myself. See Even, If I were to vote.. I am still a citizen of the United States.. and I am sure that what I am going through here as I stand, as they do for my neighbor here.. The Loony Fanatical religion women there...
    Oh well I am sure she will go through the same ol crap as I. Even If she did vote..
    High Taxas, Lots Of Parking tickets......Kids Schools..Jobs..
    With my vote or without my vote.
    Oh It is all politics!... bleh
    I do not like that game.
    I don't need another ulcer..
    So, please do not try to change my thinking..
    you see,I am just saying.:)
    I like you being so open and frank.
    It is your journal so vent..
    I shall do the same..
    It is hard to keep away from the journals and I have gotten attached to so many here..

    LOL,Yes It is hilarious if people are voting for Obama just because Morrissey has a T-shirt saying he likes Obama.....
    There was a live comic, I seen on the news yesterday... Well,
    It was Obama As President and Hilary as Vice President, Since It is "said", That Obama does not have the necessary experience, they show him calling Hilary in the mid of the night.. Crying Sobbing!
    Asking Hilary what should be done.She Is in bed with Cream all over her face and Big Rollers,making a scene about how Obama has to "man Up"
    Oh all this is just politics to me.
    I hear of it because it is forced into my eyes and yelled to be heard..

    I guess I need some ear plugs!

    I shall try as always to be content where I am now and what I shall be doing tomorrow... Is all.

    You are a Strong funny and humorous women.
    Keep writing!.
    Out spoken that is how we must be , somehow..:)
    Have a great evening!

    Power women:)

    Marisela -- Tuesday March 11 2008, @01:21PM (#298241)
    (User #1865 Info)

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