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Sunday January 20, 08

a bit worried

08:07 AM

I am a bit worried. On the heals of Obama's odd statement made on January 14, which praised the Reagan era, he still managed to secure the support of the 60,000-strong, Culinary Workers' Union votes and 80% of the African-American votes in the Nevada caucuses. There is speculation that the CWU votes were won due to coercion by union leaders. source Even if this is true, which exact policies (ideas) of Reagan's helped labor unions and African-Americans? The historical record shows us just the opposite. source

Have they seen this video of Obama?

watch video

OK, maybe the folks that work in the casinos and restaurants in Las Vegas don't watch YouTube videos. Many people don't. But the young voters do. They watch tons of videos. Maybe they don't follow politics. If so, then should they be voting at all? Have these CWS been charmed by Obama's sexy, soothing voice and charismatic style? Do the issues even matter? In our high speed Internet culture, visual appeal and a rock-n-roll attitude count for more than tried and true leadership qualities. Which Obama actually admits it is not what he is about. Watch this clip:

watch video

He is not there to lead but to inspire?! OK. That's a new one to me. This declaration should ring bells--just as his cheerleading for Reagan should. Admittedly, he can inspire me all day with his good looks and playful demeanor. I understand his appeal. But he is tapping into my weakness for pretty packages. He is not for a second selling me anything else.

And what can be understood from the fact that 80% of African-Americans voted for a man who idolizes Reagan and isn't out to lead this nation? Obama is full of ideas--of the neocon variety--but claims he is not prepared to actually lead his administration to make these ideas come to fruition.

In what exact ways were Reagan's ideas beneficial to these special interest groups? They weren't. The only thing good about the Reagan era is that we saw an end to the Cold War. But this may have come about regardless if Reagan were the President at that time or not.

I am left to wonder: Is Obama a closeted Republican? Or is he merely toying with the political right--hoping to win the votes of independents, neocons, and conservative voters who refuse to vote for a Mormon, a retired fundamentalist preacher--who somehow can't give up the pulpit, (You can take the man out of his church, but you can't take the church out of the man.) or McCain--who the Reps don't like due to his voting record e.g. soft on immigration etc?

These Presidential Election Campaigns are getting more interesting every day. I do hope those YouTubers out there are following along and learning something about the political process. The information is out there. Grab it; it's yours for the taking.

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