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Wednesday January 16, 08

one woman, one vote

02:15 AM

Yippee! My voter's ballot came in the mail today.* And Alan didn't destroy it. Of course I didn't really think that he would... but you know what they say about religion and politics... people have strong opinions and most always these views are subjective--based on personal values rather than objective truths. Besides Alan, there is another man in my life who hates the Clintons.
I knew that I would have to face the inevitable Clinton character assassination by Christopher Hitchens. He has already articulately told us in his last three Slate articles exactly how he feels about Obama, Romney, and Huckabee e.g. they are idiotic, religious freaks that we should NOT vote for.
His problem with Hillary is not her faith in religion, but rather, her unending faith in her husband--even after all the affairs and public humiliation that she suffered through.
But, being the freethinking woman that I am, I have formulated my own opinion about Hillary Clinton. Say what you will, but I think Hillary's ability to forgive Bill speaks volumes about her character. She is reasonable, pragmatic, strong, intelligent, and loyal. Infidelity is no picnic but is it the end of the world--the end of a marriage? She knows he loves her. She loves him. Who are we to judge? I think it is none of my business. Of course, Hitchens' problem with the Clintons goes beyond the affairs--he thinks they are liars. I'm sure they have lied to us. But I have lied as well. And so have you. Yes, we are not running for office. But can we realistically say that if we were bright enough to do so, that we would also be a perfect human being as well? Nobody is 100% honest all the time. Hell, we lie to ourselves often--it's called denial.
So anyhow, Hitch and I disagree about the Clintons. But I still love his spot-on opinions. We actually have quite a bit in common--enough to make me think that we would probably get along quite well. Oh heck, I'm gonna make a list of the things he and I share:
  We are both American. (He is also English.)
  We are both in love with America. (Unapologetically, btw.)
  We both have English ancestors. (He is from England.)
  We both desire to vacation in Cuba. (He has. I haven't yet.)
  We both admire Jewish people. (Again, unapologetically.)
  We both have married a Jew. (His current wife--Carol Blue and my ex-husband.)
  We both passionately despise religion. (We are antitheists--not just atheists. This is a biggie--the glue that cements the deal, so to speak.)
  We are both survivors of suicide. (His mother took her life; my brother took his. )
  We both have had an interest in Marxism and historical materialism. (His was expressed through political activism; mine was the framework for my sociological writings in college.)
  We both hate fascism and totalitarianism. (Who doesn't? You'd be surprised--most religious people freely allow themselves to be ruled by a celestial dictator e.g. a god.)
  We both are fond of George Orwell's writings. (No explanation needed.)
  We both are self-destructive. (His drinking and smoking. My prior tobacco and alcohol abuse coupled with my terrible table manners--euphemism for anorexia and all it entails.).

Surely there are more...

It is OK by me that we disagree about Hillary Clinton. Sex trumps absolute integrity. We need a woman in the White House. None of the candidates are perfect. Some just haven't been put through the media's meat grinder yet. Ah, but you wait. It's coming.
Wanna learn more about Christopher Hitchens? Check out these videos.

* From January 14, 2008 ~

Voting booths don’t belong in churches!



Church of the Nazarene

What the? Anyone ever hear of the Establishment Clause?! Isn't requiring an atheist to vote in a church analogous to a making a Christian take communion in a brothel? Fortunately, I have been spared this injustice in prior elections e.g. one year I voted at a public high school--another time I found myself denting the card at a nursing home.
But no worries, as I have found a solution to my dilemma. I have requested an early registration ballot to be sent to my home. So I will not be voting in a church but rather from the comforts of my home sweet home.

You may be able to vote by mail as well. Check your county government website. But act quickly as there may be a deadline.

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