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Thursday January 10, 08

It's good to be alive!

08:20 AM

It's good to be alive!

Not a moment too soon, atheist writers, scientists, and philosophers have topped the New York Times Best Sellers lists for the last two years.

And a woman is running for President of The United States. Can there be a better time to be alive--as a female, forward-thinking atheist--in America? I think not.

Polls... some are pretty accurate indicators of the general consensus. Others turn out to be way off. Take for example the recent polls for the New Hampshire primary. It was predicted that Obama would beat Clinton by 13 points. Boy were they wrong. She took the state 39% to his 37%. Theories abound as to why he lost after winning the Iowa caucuses and showed a huge lead in the polls. Was it race... he's "black" right?! Or, did women come out in record numbers to support Clinton? Is this a contest between race and sex? It should be about the issues. But it doesn't seem to be the case for many voters. Many are caught up in the "cult of personalities." Obama woos voters with his charm, charisma, and his good looking family--according to Chris Mathews, anyhow. Nobody made any claims about Hillary being good looking or having a good looking family on her arms. Ah, but witnessing Bill support his wife with such devotion and authentic admiration is enough to bring tears of joy to the hardest of cynics--the feminist ones, anyhow. I think that most men just don't get how precedented this is--a man in the helpmate position--the first mate--the first Gentleman. This alone makes this primary race a historical event. The fundies must be stirring in their boots and thumping those holy books hard. Our God forbid! A woman as a leader? Her husband at her side? Unheard of in the Bible, Koran, and Torah. The thought of smoke coming out of the ears and noses of backwoods, sexist, religionists really brings a wide smile to my face... and seems to be softening the deep furrow in my brow--which has gotten deeper over the years--years of disappointment, anomie, and hopelessness. But now... I feel hopeful--very hopeful!

But to be honest, the reason that I'm not supporting Obama is because I have no idea what the hell he stands for. He keeps saying he stands for "change." What does that mean? It could mean anything. I guess we are supposed to interject our own meanings. So, change to me may mean overturning The Patriot Act. Change to someone else may mean creating a fascist state. Of course, I don't think Obama wants to become a dictator. But if he doesn't start explaining what "change" means, then we are left to fill in the blanks. I have a feeling his popularity is going to diminish if he doesn't start telling us where he stands on key issues and what "change(s)" he is going to make for our great nation.

At least with Clinton, you know what you are getting. Love her or hate her, she is clear about the direction she wants to take the country. And, she is a woman. Sorry, but sex does trump race--if all other things are equal. And I make no apologies for having this view. And neither should any other female voter. Come on ladies, get out there and vote! We do comprise a voting block. The time is now! Let's run with it!

So then, while the New Hampshire polls were really fooked-up, another recent poll of importance seems to be quite accurate. Prospect Magazine--regarded by many to be the "most intelligent magazine of current affairs and cultural debate in Britain," conducted a poll of 20,000 readers asking them to identify the top global intellectuals. Here are the results:

At least 10 out of the first 50 are all outspoken--out of the closet--unapologetic atheists. And that's no lie. I suppose it's no big surprise that atheists comprise the top slots in a list like this--they have always been well represented among the intelligentsia. But most throughout history have remained in the closet--keeping their atheism a secret. Not anymore! They are out and about and proudly defending disbelief.

And so, I will say it once again, It is good to be alive!

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  • I agree, it does seem to me that this is all about sex v.s race, when in fact it should be about issues, or at the very least it should be about who's most eloquent in presenting how they tend to skirt any given pressing issue at hand.

    In Canada a hypothetical poll was taken which showed that even our most conservative voters would vote democratic in the upcoming American election, making it clear that the Republicans are a laughable failure here, even amid corporate heads hellbent on protecting their budging bank accounts. This poll also revealed that it matters little whether or not Obama or Clinton wins the Democratic nomination, as at the end of the day so long as it's a liberal in the Oval people here, north of the border, will sleep somewhat more sound.

    Personally I could care less which one of the two make it into the White House come autumn, because as long as it's at least one of the two, an obvious and profound change in American politics will have taken place.

    A man of darker shade with Obama as a last name or a white woman carrying the Clinton legacy... either way, it'll change the face of American politics in a brilliant coming-of-age way for your nation of oft times less-than-liberal modes of operation. :)

    The world needs an American leader that represents more than just 15% of it's population. Old, white men... I've seen enough of them.
    Sullen -- Thursday January 10 2008, @08:53AM (#291077)
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