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Friday November 02, 07

Three years this month!

05:31 AM

On November 12th it will be three years since I started this journal. It seems like just yesterday that I was writing an entry about my two-year anniversary. Time flies.

A few weeks ago, I celebrated my birthday and 2nd wedding anniversary. So little has happened this last year. And yet much has changed.

I've grown intellectually and physically. I finally put on those last ten pounds that I needed. I've lost my stick figure. Do I miss looking like an emaciated waif? Sometimes I do. But cognitively I know that I am healthier. Married life has helped me to gain the weight. And I am doing a lot of eating and cooking. I've taken a new passion of learning French cooking techniques; and also, I have learned much about the great chefs of the world.

David is thriving. He still skateboards every day. He has found a nice skating culture to belong to. All his friends are polite and all around good kids. David's grades are great. I really couldn't be more proud.

Life is simple. Sometimes too simple. But I do prefer this newfound stability to the chaos I experienced the previous years.

Stability does allow for self-actualization. And so, this is the station that I find myself in at this moment in time. I think; I dream; I research; I wonder... what will tomorrow bring? Who will I be a year from now? What will I be doing in five years?

Only time will tell.

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