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Monday September 17, 07

Proof that the power elite are still thumping their Bibles!

02:32 AM

To my horror--and to many others'--Fox censored Sally Field's acceptance speech at the Emmy's. What freaked them out? Not profanity. Not a racist remark. Not indecent exposure (think nip slip). Oh no my friends, she was rendered speechless when she said god-damned. At first I just blamed conservative, Christian, Fox execs. But it was odd, as they barely--barely is the key word--bleep out Gordon Ramsay's F this and F thats on Hell's Kitchen. Was it due to the time of the night? Perhaps. Could damned still be considered a cuss word? Hmmm, that seems a bit archaic. So what really was the problem with those two words? I know! It was that she was damning god. Yes indeed, she damned the Judeo-Christian-Muslim god to hell. Sort of. What if she said Santa Claus-be-damned... think it would have been censored? I wonder if god-damned would be censored in the UK where the majority of its citizens are atheists? My guess is no, no it wouldn't.

So in the end, it really was the conservative, Christian, Fox execs censoring god-damned. For damning god--in our paternalistic, pathetic, fundaMENTAList Christian nation of ours--is the greatest sin of all.

Watch clip of speech here.

For all the millions of people out there that didn't get to hear god-damned, Here ya go...

god-damned god-damned god-damned god-damned god-damned god-damned god-damned god-damned god-damned... repeated 370 million times.

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  • Hi, I've been away for a bit...but really...what do you expect from Rupert?

    My disgust for his like is white-hot at this point.

    But the back-lash is almost here. L
    Lon -- Tuesday September 18 2007, @01:39AM (#274111)
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    • Re:Fox by realitybites (Score:1) Tuesday September 18 2007, @02:32AM
      • Re:Fox by Lon (Score:1) Tuesday September 18 2007, @10:19PM
  • God Damn! I love Sally Fields....:)

    Thank you so much that was fun to watch.....

    Vivan Las Mujeres!
    Marisela -- Thursday September 20 2007, @12:37PM (#274302)
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