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Tuesday September 11, 07

I didn't want to like it... I really didn't

03:34 AM


Yes, I am living under a walnut shell.

I knew who she was but had not heard a single song she sang, until tonight.

When searching for the MTV Video Award winners last night, I learned that Fergie won the best female artist of the year award. So tonight, I'm sitting here at my computer, and decided to pop on over to YouTube. And then it happened. I typed 'Fergie' into the search bar and hit enter. The first video listed was for "Big Girls Don't Cry." I clicked the video title. I watched; I listened. I wanted to hate it; I really did. I wanted to see mediocrity on display. I kept waiting for it to show its ugly self so I could turn it off... move on... prove I had been right all along. But I couldn't do it; I couldn't stop watching. I was pulled in. The lyrics were good. Her voice was nice. She was feminine--not butch like I had thought. The song was really catchy. The video was cool. What can I say? Some over-commercialized, over-played pop music is not too shabby. Do I dare check out another song/video? Maybe I will.

*Update: OK, I checked out two more Fergie videos. That was a mistake. Conclusion: one hit wonder.

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  • My sister and I always laugh when she drives off at the end (because she's a big girl and can do so) and the overly tattooed man looks out of the window as if to say "I knew all along . . .". Also, the bits where she's getting the washing in always seem a bit mismatched. But she must be doing something right because there's someone on every bus with that song as a ringtone.

    Poppycocteau -- Tuesday September 11 2007, @07:50AM (#273729)
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    We are ugly but we have the music

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