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Sunday June 10, 07

now my heart is full

10:23 PM

Saw Moz last night in Las Vegas. Wonderful show! Especially loved How Soon Is Now and his air hump towards the end. The sound and lighting were fantastic. The Pearl is a wonderful theater--top class!

Parking was a bitch. Seems that The Palms was not prepared for such a turnout. Tons of cars searched frantically for spots in the multi level garage without any luck. In the end, we parked across the street. Crazy looking group of peeps at the casino. Most looked like locals. Didn't spot a single high roller type. Perhaps the big spenders hang out further down the strip at the newer casinos. Lots of half-naked, skanky looking chicks draping the arms of lower class hoodlum dudes.

Subdued, but considerate group of fans at the gig. The last of the two shirt tosses ended in a civil, yet concerted struggle for the jackpot. A busty, cleavage baring chick looked to have a strong hold on the shirt. Not sure if she ended up getting the better part of it in the end.

Just below our seats, on the right side of the stage, some fans tossed condom balloons upon the stage. The first one resulted in Moz looking at it rather strangely. I think he was seriously wondering what the heck it was. This gave me a chuckle. Each new balloon was quickly apprehended and removed from the stage by security.

A couple guys almost made it upon stage. Security seemed to be a bit rough with the last guy. Moz said something that seemed to suggest he didn't approve of the man handling. I hope this fan wasn't injured.

David had a great time. I was pleasantly pleased to catch him singing along to IBEH.

Not sure when I will get to see Moz grace a stage again--maybe never. But I feel very fortunate to have seen him at The Pearl. It was a great venue, a wonderful performance--a memory to last a lifetime.

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  • Sounds like you had a great time....I like to think one day I will catch my partner singing along to Moz...but I won't hold my breath waiting!

    Lovely review of what sounds like a wonderful show...I hope the memory does indeed last a lifetime.

    Love Alma xxx
    almareallymatters -- Sunday June 10 2007, @11:25PM (#262976)
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  • I wish we'd coordinated and met up! I was at the show. For once off to the side in reserved. I'd not taken on a show w/its crowd in awhile. Mad energy.
    We were late for the show and luckily the taxi driver was a fan of The Smiths born in Mexico. He broke several traffic laws to get there just as the 2nd song began.
    The condoms were from my friend, Dave's collection. I've seen them in Pasadena and Santa Rosa. They possibly floated around in Oakland and Sparks as well.
    What other shows did you go to? Vegas was the last show of the tour that I went to.

    The Queen is Dead

    Boy = Happy

    Band Intro

    Boy w/Porn as I've seen it on setlists as


    You're Gonna Need...
    Suswa -- Monday August 06 2007, @01:40PM (#270684)
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