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Tuesday May 08, 07

I have no more empathy, compassion, or tolerance...

02:47 AM

I feel deep concern for our troops in Iraq and of course for all the other nations' soldiers stationed there. Islamic fundaMENTALism is a virus that is spreading. We are fighting a losing battle. How do you cure this? Sick to death

Those barbarians do not contribute ANYTHING good to this beautiful world of ours. They will never change. And their children are being polluted with the same evil belief system. Save the children--anyone 7 and under. The rest should be obliterated.

*Edit ~ I sound like a Nazi. But I am pissed!

Update: Salon has a well written article about this honor killing.

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  • Status quo eh? Frick! It is like a terrible fungus.
    redpathetic -- Tuesday May 08 2007, @05:17PM (#257163)
    (User #6184 Info)
    Happy in this final acceptance of his own absurdity...Albert Camus
  • the truth is:
    what the people of this country will have to deal with is NOT so much the effects of islamic fundamentalism
    BUT THE EFFECTS of turning not just thousands of my fellow countrymen and some women into corpses*
    but many more into killers of men, women and children
    and BELIEVE ME
    the effect of this sometimes takes years to be felt
    & i can assure we live in a society with little or no ability to properly honor the sacrifice that me and others make for it
    FAR MORE THAN ITS many supposed enemies

    *=i think we are calling this a sign of 'eqaulity'

    ps: you(& a some others here) are excepted, of course, from my h8ing...
    se repenti fort <[email protected]> -- Monday June 11 2007, @11:10AM (#263081)
    (User #15856 Info)

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