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Tuesday April 17, 07

Summer treasures

11:51 PM

I love summer. The warm air tempts me outdoors. I love swimming and boating and grilling...

I just joined the Country Club nearby. I plan to swim a lot this summer and also enjoy the jacuzzi. Don't think I will take up golfing but I may start using the cardio machines.

Also, the three of us have tickets to see Moz this summer. This will be David's first concert. He probably doesn't realize how many Moz songs he knows. I can't wait to see his expression when Morrissey comes on stage.

Looking forward to watermelon. I love summer produce.

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  • I hope I spelled that correctly. It's a grocery chain based in Dallas that opened near me 2 weeks ago.

    I went there for 1st time tonight. They had the best looking watermelons! (the point of the post). I must go back today and get one now that you mention watermelon!
    Lon -- Wednesday April 18 2007, @01:51AM (#254607)
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