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Tuesday April 10, 07

memory box

02:43 AM

A short while ago, I bought a 31" long, 17" wide, and 16" tall, storage trunk. For the last few weeks, I have been gathering all the souvenirs of my past and placing them neatly in my memory box. It is now full to the top with photos, letters, drawings, cards, medals, diplomas, certificates, poetry, memorials, articles, maps, all my souvenirs from my trip to Europe, happy notes, sad notes, broken promises, shattered dreams, birth announcements, death notices, an original Walkman radio in mint condition--bought it in the early 80's with the money I earned from my newspaper route, a cassette with David cooing at 2 months of age, a cassette of my brother's original songs on guitar, a few diaries, a memory candle, wedding props, a Billy Joel concert ticket stub... don't ask me why..., Pearl Jam gig stubs, hotel swipe-key cards, foreign coins, hopes, losses, knee boarding videos, ultrasound pictures of David when he was a fetus, a small sealed vase of my brother's ashes...

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  • So heavy
    Weighed down


    Cannot escape
    Unable to disconnect

    Used up
    Badly bruised

    By burden

    Needle in my arm
    Knife to my wrist

    It's all the same
    Nothing takes away the pain

    realitybites -- Wednesday April 11 2007, @08:46PM (#254131)
    (User #13041 Info |
  • What an excellent idea! I am sure gathering all of those unique momentos must've brought quite a mixture of reminiscing to the surface too. Whenever I sort through things that have so much meaning attached to them I often get distracted from completing my project, so for me it is nice to see someone so able to concentrate on keeping all of their treasured memories all in one place. :)
    J. Razor -- Wednesday April 11 2007, @11:38PM (#254139)
    (User #724 Info)
    I'm Alone

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