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Friday September 08, 06

Nice change...

01:08 AM

Awww, Morrissey's latest journal entry posted at TTY is so much more personal and witty than his last few were. He seems to be in good spirits and less bitter than he was several months ago. I just love this part:

On the nighttime drive from Karlstad to Oslo I felt surprised, amazed and privileged to be alive. The scenery was tearfully breath taking; full moon on still lakes. I'm humbled by the beauty of Scandinavia, and by how the people and the press are so open and welcoming. During the afternoon of the Oslo festival I walked through the center of the city and sat in the park. A lone British voice said "'ullo Morrissey" but otherwise I went unnoticed and felt securely at home. I sat on the grass in the park and, when the sun struck at a certain angle, I felt that life really wasn't that bad. This moment passed quickly. (emphasis mine)

Moz mentions that he's playing in St. Louis this November. Could he be headed my way? I hope so.

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  • That's a very beautifully written journal piece. Seriously, I'm actually quite suprised, because like you said, as of late he has been rather angry, which makes him come across ugly. So yeah... reading this it's nice to see the beauty back in Morrissey!
    Sullen -- Friday September 08 2006, @06:55AM (#234359)
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