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Friday July 21, 06

Twent y years later...

06:29 PM

I am going to watch the film Betty Blue this evening. Twenty years ago, my sister and I first viewed this film in Tampa, Florida. We both fell in love with it. It was the first foreign film that we experienced together. It still holds a special place in my heart.

Will watching it again after all these years dilute my sentimentality for this film? Or will time and life's experiences reward me with a wonderful, new perspective?

PS--Alan has not seen this movie yet. I hope he likes it. He is a big fan of Amelie, which in my opinion pales in comparison to Betty Blue. Well, we shall see.

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  • While Betty Blue will never supplant Amelie as a favorite film of mine, it is a well-made movie. Chalk it up to a sheltered life, perhaps, but I could not relate easily to the characters. I watched the Betty Blue like it was taking place inside a goldfish bowl. Or maybe that was me inside??

    The characters were all too pally-pally, chummy, touchie-feelie for my comfort. I swear, several times, I thought the movie's central action was going to be partner-swapping-turns-to-personal-anguish. Maybe it's a French thing?

    Did you notice that the surfer dude who sold Zorg drugs was also in Amelie?

    Anyway, I'm glad to have watched it. :) Another excellent recommendation from Jehne.
    alainsane -- Sunday July 23 2006, @05:02PM (#229410)
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