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Monday July 03, 06

Happy Holiday!

08:34 PM

This week is going to be fantastic! Tomorrow afternoon, David is returning from Florida--where he has been vacationing for the last two weeks. He will have my mother in tow. This will be her first visit to see us in Arizona. She has been to this state several times in the past, but not for several years.

We will pick them up at the airport in Phoenix. Next, we will dine at Pappadeaux restaurant. Then we will head back to Flagstaff.

The next day we will visit THE GRAND CANYON. We'll have a nice dinner at a restaurant in the park, watch the sunset over the canyon, and then return to Flagstaff that night.

The following day, Thursday, we will drive to Las Vegas. We'll check into our hotel around 3:00 p.m. Then we'll lounge around at the pool for a few hours. Next, we'll all get some dinner. Then...

Alan and I will bid David and my mom a good night, then head to the MGM Grand Garden Arena for the PEARL JAM CONCERT!!! Depending upon how fired-up we are... we may stay out late--go dancing perhaps!

The next morning, we will check out Las Vegas. I'm not into gambling, but I would love to see all the architectural wonders that the city has to offer. On the way home to Flagstaff, we will visit the Hoover Dam. I was there when I was 13, so it has been a while.

Saturday, we will rest and spend the day in Flagstaff--dine at a local restaurant. I will try to take an afternoon nap, as I will be staying up all night. 'Cause at 3:00 a.m. we will be heading to Sedona for our HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE! We have to be there by 4:00 a.m. We will help the pilots assemble the balloon then take off at sunrise. After our flight, we will have a champagne lunch with the pilots. Then we will tour the parks in Sedona--seeing the beauty this city has to offer. Around dinnertime, we will head to Jerome--an old, western city high in the hills. Then we'll return to Flagstaff.

Monday will be a day for rest and recuperating. Perhaps we'll head to the skate park so that David can show off for his grandma.

Tuesday we'll probably do something in Flagstaff. We'll have to see how exhausted we all are.

The next morning, Wednesday, my mom returns to Florida.

I will try to write about our adventures as they happen.

To all my fellow American Soloists, I wish you a HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!

xoxo Jehne

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  • ...but we have to wait another hour to start the adventures.
    alainsane -- Tuesday July 04 2006, @11:47AM (#227233)
    (User #460 Info)
  • Sounds excellent.

    Esp. Pappadeaux..thanks in advance for helping the Houston economy...(Pappas HQ in Houston).'s my BNSF doing via Flag? I hear it will go from 80 trains a day to 120 a day in 08 due full double-track LA-CHI via Flag, Belen NM, Amarillo. Yee-hi.
    Lon -- Tuesday July 04 2006, @10:27PM (#227249)
    (User #121 Info)

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