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Saturday June 17, 06

I feel ill

11:18 PM

I may not be writing in here for a bit. Or I may just write more... in spite my feelings of disappointment.

My hero, Morrissey, well... has left me disillusioned. My bubble has burst.

Not a sell out, my ass?! See Playboy shirts sported at Pinkpop for proof.

God, what the fuck were/are you thinking Moz???

TO SAY THE LEAST: I'm truly disappointed.

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  • So the mysterious e-mail was not a fake. The plot thickens. I was hoping it was not written by Morrissey. Hmmm.

    Not quite sure what to make of all this. Seems Moz truly does care more about his chart postions than about being authentic. Were all those animal rights remarks and boycotting of Canada just publicity stunts? I think if Moz really wants to help animals then he should put some of that cash into a nice farm animal sanctuary.
    realitybites -- Monday June 26 2006, @11:00PM (#226451)
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