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Friday June 16, 06

Songs that make one peevish!

07:55 PM

Yesterday, I spent the better part of the day surfing YouTube. Mission: to watch every single AFI/Davey Havok video out there. Oh yes, there are many, believe me. Think Moz has a loyal cult following?! These guys have over 300,000 friends on MySpace alone. Morrissey has about 45,000. Anyhow, by the end of the day, I was in quite a peevish mood, to say the least. Something about all that intense visual and auditory stimulation such as black and more black clothes and eyeliner and heavy guitar riffs and pounding drums... oooh and a sexy as hell frontman, well... it all just sent me over the edge.

Any songs or musical videos make you peevish?

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  • A Fire Inside (AFI) is a phrase that describes the sign Scorpio well. The sign most associated with sex and death, is also one of the zodiac’s most reserved and creative. Scorpios are complex and deep and are often drawn to the dark or unusual. Davey Havok of AFI is the picture of a true Scorpio. Tall and gothic looking, he sports Nightmare Before Christmas images among his many tattoos. He exudes an ambiguous sexuality that he acknowledges as part of who he is. Born at 28 degrees of Scorpio, he is The King of the fairies approaching his domain according to symbology. That seems an appropriate description of this very charismatic singer/songwriter who would also aspire to acting.

    Davey has that magnetic aura of mystery common to Scorpio, a very private sign. He is not likely to reveal much of his private life except through his music. Scorpios often have talent for art and music, and they are not likely to reveal as much in words. Mars in Cancer, another reserved and emotional sign, adds to the likelihood that Davey relies on his art for self expression. It’s his Gemini Moon that gives him a talent for lyrics though. Gemini is the messenger and the Moon our emotions, giving him the ability to write with great feeling. However, don’t expect to understand every word. A Scorpio/Gemini will want to leave something to your imagination. As you’ll notice in interviews he’s given, Davey is reluctant to say exactly what his lyrics are about.

    Scorpio is intense, and combined with a Gemini Moon, is more likely to be anxious or nervous in nature. Davey Havok confirms that he stills suffers the jitters before concerts, especially with a hometown audience. This tendency is probably minimized by his Sun/Mercury conjunction in Scorpio, which gives self-confidence and powerful connection with an audience. The Gemini Moon also makes him a more adaptable Scorpio, and Davey’s friends and band mates probably find him to be pretty easygoing as strong as his personality is. On a personal level, Davey is likely to be fiercely loyal and protective. He has been the victim of harassment and bullying due to his appearance and may be able to help others in similar situations. A Mars in Cancer is the ultimate defender of who ever he considers family.

    Scorpio and Gemini are opposite in many ways, so Davey Havok is a complex character whose most evident traits are sense of drama and mystery. Though his Sun and Moon signs are generally not compatible, Scorpio and Gemini are considered to be a lucky duo and combine for great instinct and the inherent ability to attract the right circumstances for success, often without a great deal of hard work.

    Yes, I am obsessed.
    realitybites -- Friday June 16 2006, @09:41PM (#225319)
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