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Sunday June 04, 06

Sweet summertime!

09:03 PM
  • watermelon
  • corn on the cob
  • zucchini
  • boating
  • swimming
  • picnics
  • shorts
  • tank tops
  • open windows
  • suntans
  • warm skin
  • sleepy afternoons
  • sounds of lawnmowers
  • sprinklers in the grass
  • car washes
  • after dinner walks
  • vacations at the lake
  • happy moments
  • wonderful memories
  • amusement parks
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  • Sweat, wasps, everyone squinting, there being no excuse to drink hot chocolate, wear long woollen coats, ridiculously thick socks or scarves, no clouds, fingernails that grow at a ridiculous rate, greasy suncream, fractious and equally greasy smaller siblings, and perhaps worst, not being able to walk anywhere here (and it is mostly here, for some reason) without coming home to find that many greenflies and other small things I cannot identify are somehow trapped in my hair, and are making those heart-rending, spasmodic little leg movements that they make when not entirely happy. What to do without hurting them? It's terrible - and I just end up waiting for them all to fall out of their own accord, much to the disgust of anyone else present. (Because The Tea Table Is No Place For Greenflies! . . . I don't know why, it's not as if they move very fast or outwit fathers out of their fair share of potato). Oh, dear . . . I sound dreadfully bitter - what I might mean is that I am glad that you are having a pleasant time of it. I think I was conditioned to be terrified of summer from a very early age because at my school summer meant TENNIS and tennis meant injury, humilation and quite often both - simultaneously.

    *is transported back into a fitful haze, only to hear a Hitleresque scream of Johnson!!! What in blazes was that supposed to be?! as the tennis racket and the ball both fly off in odd directions*

    Though, yes, after dinner walks are really quite nice in the summer, purely for the fact that someone might even consider coming with you, which they would never do in winter. Oh, and mangoes are in season, and I like those.
    Poppycocteau -- Monday June 05 2006, @12:58PM (#223549)
    (User #9489 Info)
    We are ugly but we have the music
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  • ....watermelon... ~drools and makes Homer sounds~
    Malakye -- Tuesday June 06 2006, @12:28AM (#223650)
    (User #16637 Info)
    Cuz, life is hard enough... when you belong *here*...
  • sounds very nice to me, it's heading into Winter in Oz...
    LizzieCat -- Tuesday June 06 2006, @07:23PM (#223772)
    (User #14284 Info)
    Mrs Forman
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