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Wednesday May 31, 06

Laziness or ignorance?

12:35 PM

One of my biggest pet peeves is seeing posts or journal entries on the net that have this written at the end of a word: (sp?). Apparently, the writer/author is not 100% sure how to spell the word preceding. For example: The Royal Tennenbaums (sp?). Okay, first off this was written by a highly educated man who is getting his doctorate degree in psychology. So what is the deal? Why can't he simply plug the word(s) into Google and see if his spelling matches the dominant spelling(s) listed?! I do this all the time. It takes all of three seconds. I still make spelling errors. But, when I am in doubt, I do a spell check. Would you seriously want to hire someone who is too lazy, careless, and/or has such low standards? Here is my rant to the guilty as charged: It is one thing if you are chatting. Who cares then, right?! But a post or journal entry that is to be published, permanently for all your peers to see??? Come on! Is this sloppy attitude one that you want to present to the world? Would an extra minute of your time be too much to ask? Seriously, if you have a few extra seconds to write (sp?) and you want me to waste a few more reading this, than why the heck can't ya just Google the damn word(s) and spell it/them correctly, for fucks sake??? Take pride in your work. Making a mistake is normal and acceptable. Blatantly risking making an embarrassing error, for no good reason, is not.

PS -- No offense meant to anyone who does this at Solo. I mean nothing personal by it, really. The example I referred to was not a post from here.

PPS -- Before anyone comes up with the notion that perhaps this writer wants to connect with his/her audience, and thus, attempts to read like a commoner i.e. just like the rest of us, let me state in advance: "Dear writer, please don't dumb yourself  DOWN for me. I would rather look UP to you with admiration."

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