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Saturday May 27, 06

Contemporary Art

09:52 AM

Last night, I spent about three hours sifting through modern paintings in online galleries. I have become a fan of  Mark Ryden. His paintings are hauntingly beautiful. I love the antique-looking frames that he places them in. Here are a few of my favorites:



Just The Girls

I also like the works of  David Stoupakis. Tea For 2 is my favorite.

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  • Hmm, do you see a resemblance to Christina Ricci in the God Is Dead series? I like his interestingly surreal and eerie mix of colours too.

    Also, I recently saw The Ring for a 2nd time, so I'm reminded of that poor little pale girl, drenched and left forgotten...

    I've only perused Stoupakis' Gallery section, but when I have time I will look forward to reading the journal too.
    J. Razor -- Saturday May 27 2006, @10:54AM (#221706)
    (User #724 Info)
    I'm Alone
  • Dark and twisted... I like. ~chuckles~

    Ryden also did the album covers for Jack Off Jill. [] This one in particular, and the artwork of their other albums are the same. The "Just the Girl's one is another album cover for JOJ, too.
    Malakye -- Friday June 02 2006, @09:36AM (#222823)
    (User #16637 Info)
    Cuz, life is hard enough... when you belong *here*...
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