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Tuesday May 23, 06

Favorite album of the year!

05:05 PM

I know I am supposed to say ROTT. After all this is a Morrissey fan site. But I cannot lie. My fave is:

Stadium Arcadium by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Animal Bar is fantastic. Actually, the whole double album rocks! I don't know. Maybe I am pining for a harder sound as of late. My roots are in classic rock.

Pearl Jam's new self titled album is wonderful as well.

Perhaps when Keane's new album comes out this June, I will be tired of heavy bass lines and guitar riffs.

We shall see. :)

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  • I may go buy this per your comments...but I am a bit concerned.

    They are just a tad too LAX for me. But then, I may be too "Dallas/Fort Worth" for them.
    Lon -- Tuesday May 23 2006, @08:23PM (#220936)
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    • Re:Red by realitybites (Score:1) Tuesday May 23 2006, @10:42PM

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