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Tuesday May 16, 06

Tuesday Update

04:39 PM

Well, I made my first batch of glycerin soaps. They turned out awesome. I think I have found a new hobby. If I get good at it, I may sell the soaps to local shops. This area has a huge college population that tinkers on the healthy living-- liberal thinking side. They seem to like all-natural beauty products.

We saw Mission Impossible III this weekend. It was excellent. I know what you are thinking--Tom Cruise??? Hey, I could care less if he believes he is a Thetan, or that he is a major serial monogamist... the thing is that he IS charming and stylish. He has proved this time and time again. Vanilla Sky is a great example of him showcasing these talents. MI and MI II were mediocre. MI III rocks. It has action, style, and a great story. Trust me, it will have you laughing and cheering.

This July, Alan, David, my Mom, and I are going up in a hot air balloon. It has been a dream of my mother's for a long time. It will cost about $800.00 for the four of us. But I think it is worth it. It will be an experience of a lifetime.

Would you be up for this?


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