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Friday May 12, 06


03:10 AM

I have a humorous story to tell. But, it may not read as funny, as it may just be one of those things where you had to be there in order to get the humor of it all.

Well, I will give it a shot anyhow.

This early evening, Alan and I returned from the market. After unloading our groceries, I made my way up the somewhat long flight of stairs to the top of the second floor of the condo. To my horror, I found our cat Katie, lying atop of the windowsill directly across from me. This window sits almost twenty feet off the ground. The only way to access the sill was for her to jump from the memory chest seated three feet across from the sill. So, in order for her to get back to safety, she would have to make a risky jump up and out over this three-foot gap. If she miscalculated, she would fall twenty feet to the ground. Yikes! Our worst fear had materialized. When we first moved in, we were worried that she would one-day attempt to check out that windowsill. Sure enough, as soon as the warmer weather arrived and we had opened the window and lifted the blinds, she had discovered this new spot.

Well, with my heart racing, I called down to Alan and told him about Katie. He immediately went to get the tall, collapsible ladder from the garage.

While keeping a watchful eye on Katie, I anxiously waited for Alan's return. Katie looked scared. Her breathing was labored. Yet, she kept looking down. Oh my, I thought I was going to have a heart attack.

Alan quickly returned and placed the ladder up against the internal side of the front door. I watched from the top as he began to lengthen the ladder. I said to him, "Should I stay up here or come down there and hold the base of the ladder?" He said, "Come down here."

Three seconds later I was downstairs, standing directly under the gap between the sill and the top floor. Alan was in front of me with his back turned away. As I started to move towards him, he lifted the last segment of the ladder up towards the sill in one swift move. All of a sudden, while coincidentally both Alan and I were looking up, Katie took one large leap from the sill to safety upon the chest. It was so surreal--like that leap that Thelma and Louise made in their car across the Grand Canyon. After the initial shock, we laughed our butts off. Apparently Katie was more frightened by that damn ladder coming towards her then she was of falling to her death.

Alan quickly placed the ladder back in the garage. Life returned to normal. Ah, what a day.

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