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Tuesday May 09, 06

My Wife

02:06 PM

She looks so sad.
Her eyes are deep wells,
Trapping her painful secrets.

She's drowning?

I kiss her forehead,
Hoping to make her feel better.

Hours later,
She still looks so sad.

She's faking.

I bring my love a rose,
From our garden.
She smiles.

She's happy?

In the morning,
I kiss my darling goodbye.

She doesn't open her eyes.
She just smiles at me.

She loves me.

In the evening,
I return to her.
I kiss her forehead.

She's sleeping?

She looks so happy.
Her eyes are shallow pools.

She feels better.
She looks light.

She's in flight.

Written by realitybites 5/2006

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