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Saturday May 06, 06

Craving a good gay love story?

01:30 PM

If so, steer clear of Brokeback Mountain--lame, lame, lame, lame, lame! This highly overrated movie is dull, unimaginative, tacky, predictable, and UNSEXY. Want a good one to see intead? Check out Pedro Almodóvar's Bad Education. This movie is layered, sophisticated, dark, twisted, erotic, and intense. Basically it succeeds where Brokeback Mountain fails.

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  • Brookeback mountain really appealed to me because it potentially means our society might have matured to the level where a serious gay love story could be made. Problem is i figured it was either going to be a gay sex film or a sappy love story and niether one really appealed to me
    angelunimportant -- Monday May 08 2006, @11:40AM (#217210)
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    • Re:Thanks by realitybites (Score:1) Monday May 08 2006, @04:53PM

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