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Friday May 05, 06

I miss..

02:25 PM

I miss Ohio libraries. The Arizona public libraries are awful. I have had two NY Times best sellers on request for over a month now. If I were in Ohio, I would have read and returned these books by now. And the University library is no better. They wouldn't order them or do an interlibrary loan. These are non-fiction best sellers for pete's sakes. Errrr!!!

I miss my solitude--peaceful silence without TV, music, or other distractions.

Yes, I am cranky! I am on the 6th day of having the flu. I just want to feel normal again. I just want to feel happy. I don't feel happy right now.

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  • You're not happy? I'd of never guessed!*Jokes*

    Snaillike movement is seemingly the dish of the day in the southern states. With my travels, I've come to deem the north as fast-paced to a crippling extreme whereas in the south everything is dealt with "manana", as nothing needs to be Mc Hurried!

    Of course though, both are extremes and I suppose if geography has anything to do with it somewhere like Kentucky, geographically smacked between the two, would be absolute nirvana! Of course though, looking at such a scenerio you can quite easily see that this isn't the case. Kentucky... hahahaha!

    Sorry to read that you're ill. Feel better soon,
    Sullen -- Saturday May 06 2006, @07:22AM (#216657)
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