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Wednesday April 19, 06

What's fair is fair?!

06:42 AM

My intention is not to gross anyone out. But some things just must be addressed. (OK, that was a bit melodramatic.) And what I am about to discuss is one of those things. Rumor has it that Tom Cruise planned to dine on Katie and Suri's placenta. Although this statement by Cruise was in fact a joke, and he apparently had no real intention of ever really doing so, there are some men (and women) who do eat human placentas. While this behavior is not common, it is gaining popularity. The argument goes: it is a bonding ritual, full of vital nutrients, and makes the woman experience the pleasure of feeling accepted by her partner. Gosh, where have I heard this propaganda before? Sound familiar? Hmmm? Let's see, the story goes... if my partner eats--let's say a teaspoon of my afterbirth, then we will feel bonded together, he will get some vitamins and minerals (which may make his skin shine), and I will feel loved and accepted by him. Think women should use this argument to get Daddy to take a bite? Will partaking in the placenta be the new swallowing??? We shall see.

What do you guys think? Comments welcome and encouraged. Hehe.

UPDATE: Tom was just misunderstood, that's all.

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