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Saturday April 08, 06

Three Things

03:29 AM

1) Alan, David, and I are going to the opera tomorrow night. We are seeing Mozart's Don Giovanni. I have been wanting to see an opera for a long time. This should be a great experience for us all. For anyone who is a fan of Mozart, Austria is having a year-long celebration to commemorate his 250th birthday. Most events are being held this Summer and comming Fall. Link to information

2) I want to take-up a new hobby: soap-making. I want to make pretty glycerin soaps with delicate fragrances and enchanting shapes and colors. I have a few ideas in mind. To start with, I would like to work with lavender, rose, strawberry, grapefruit, and ginger. I am thinking of working with pinks and periwinkle hues. The shapes don't seem quite as relevant at the mo. I may see if some of my candy molds will work as soap molds. This means I will have to try to find them in one of the boxes in the garage. Well, I will report back on my adventures in the soap-making world--that is if this idea of mine indeed comes to fruition.

3) I saw an ad in the local paper today. It was for a gourmet pizza restaurant in town. The ad's slogan reads: Tiptoe Through My Two Lips. Does anyone else find this to be absolutely hilarious? I am not sure how it ties in with pizza though, hehe. Oh wait, maybe it has something to do with that famous saying: Pizza is like sex. Even when it's bad, it's good. Hmmm? Just a thought.

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  • I hope that you, Alan, and David, enjoyed the opera. Surely it's pitifully late for the suggestion, but I trust that you guys had at least read through the libretto a couple of times and/or been over a few of the salient scenes in advance. The nice thing though is that you needn't really trundle against the vocabulary (at least w/ Don Giovanni), the dramatic scope carries well beyond what you would expect from a Renaissance opera.

    You know, it occurs to me, I would be mildly taken aback if Alan wasn't already, in some sense, acquainted w/ M's later opera "the Magic Flute" -- given all the hermeticism and mystical intrigue surrounding the elements and happenstance of the production.

    Oh, and it would probably be remiss of me not to allude to the wonderful Mozart Festival (look it up!) occuring annually in Bartlesville, OK.

    Take care :)
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