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Friday April 07, 06

What is sexy?

08:00 AM

Why is one person sexy while another is not? Is there a universal standard for what is considered to be sexy? Why do so many of us seem to find the same persons to be sexy? Is this due to enculturation? Or are there innate preferences built into our hard drives?

What do I find sexy?


So if that is what is sexy, then what does unsexy look like?


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  • The characteristics that people find attractive are 'those that will in some way guarantee breeding success'
    For example men like women who have smooth skin, white teeth and good muscle tone as they are signs of healthyness and therefore they have high reproductive value.
    Women like men who are humourous and kind because these indicate that the man will be more likely to share the resources they have with the woman and their baby.
    angelunimportant -- Friday April 07 2006, @08:43AM (#209723)
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  • Sociobiological theories are quite interesting. But, they tend to be too simplistic. If evolution drives sexual attraction, and the goal of men and women is reproductive fitness, then how can we account for the sudden rise in western societies love affair with emaciated female celebrities? If men were indeed biologically programmed to seek out voluptuous, fertile-looking women, then why the obsession with thinness? Or is it women who are the ones obsessed with being waiflike--in a subconscious protest against the institution of motherhood--with all its traps and social limitations and burdens?!

    And, as woman acquire the resources of society on their own, will they still desire men who look like they will be good providers? Is it the resources they are after? Perhaps. Power and status are resources. And yes, I do find these qualities to be desirable in a man. I think many women do.

    So, applying this to my two picture examples, why might the man in the tattoo suit be sexier than the man in the silk one? Maybe because I know that the younger, firmer, more energetic-looking man may in fact have more resources to offer than the bird-faced man in a manufactured costume?!

    Why might I know this? Is it in my genes? Or is it something I was taught?

    What do you think?
    realitybites -- Friday April 07 2006, @03:55PM (#209910)
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  • I like the tattoo guy. He has a sweet face and killer body.
    LizzieCat -- Friday April 07 2006, @10:55PM (#209953)
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    Mrs Forman

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