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Thursday April 06, 06

Corn syrup junkie

02:00 AM

Ever since I can remember, I have been a candy junkie. When I was a child, my sister, brother, and I would trek down to the corner store to buy our daily fixes. My favorites back then were Giant Pixie Sticks, Necco Wafers, and black jelly beans.

So what made candy so magical? It was bright, colorful, tangy, chewy or crunchy, and best of all sweet! It's no wonder that my favorite fantasy film is Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory. And my second favorite holiday after Christmas, is Halloween. Trick Or Treating is a favorite pastime of mine. But silly me, this activity is not so far seated in my past. For just three years ago, I dressed as Darth Vader and went Trick Or Treating with my son. We must have come home with twenty pounds of candy. I think I was more thrilled than he was.

David and Alan like candy as well. But those two are much more into chocolate. Not I. I want the corn syrup based stuff. I have my favorites these days as well. Mostly I pair a type of candy with an activity that I like to engage in.

Nerds are perfect for chomping on in bed while reading.

Good And Plenty are great movie candies.

Gummy worms are perfect when one has a craving for something chewy and sweet.

Lollipops are nice for driving or while computing.

My dream career would be to have my own candy factory. How sweet would that be?!

Today I love candy even more than I did as a child. And there really isn't a single candy type or brand that I would not indulge in. Life is sweet when one has a pocket full of these treasured treats.

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  • I can't let you go.....

    I love candy too. There was a book I heard about on NPR a while back about candy (and I can't remember the name) but the author was talking about what a surprisingly personal and emotional attachment people have to candy..... not only do people have their favorites, but they have their favorite ways to eat it, favorite times or places to have it, and so on....

    for me, I love chocolate AND the sugary kinds but more so, I become completely OBSESSIVE/COMPULSIVE when eating candy. For example (and I have quit these things because I gain weight easily so I cut out all fast food completely and much junk food for the last 5 years or so, but anyways):
    Kit Kat - I'd eat the sides first and then take each wafer apart.
    M&M's (plain only) - I'd microwave them for a few seconds so that they're melted on the inside and then I'd split them in half so I'd end up with two shallow candy cups of melted chocolate.
    Snickers/Mars Bar - eat the chocolate encasing first and then each ingredient separately.
    these are just the main ones I can think of..... but I couldn't enjoy them eaten any other way and I didn't realize how strange it was until people would comment on my lumpy snickers as I'd try to eat only the milky mystery white stuff and save the nuts and caramel for last......

    the only candy I still allow myself (apart from plain milk or dark chocolate):
    Smarties - yummy (I suck on them until they get mushy and then eat them)
    RUNTS- These are my Favorite! (made by Willy Wonka by the way) I have to separate them into flavor piles and eat them from least favorite to most favorite. They have Chewy Runts in the machine at work sometimes and when they do, I have a packet a day. I can't find Chewy Runts anywhere else.
    Lollipops - excellent substitute for cigarettes and I think they should advertise them as such. It's the same idea, a white stick sticking out of your mouth, the same hand motion, etc. but I digress.....
    Hard Candy (Jolly Ranchers, generic hard candy) - Excellent for driving, working, etc. but I don't like the milky creamy types, just plain clear hard candy.
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