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Friday March 31, 06

An interview with oneself

01:06 AM

So tell me:

Q: What is your favorite time of the day?

A: Very early morning--say, two-ish. Though to me it would still be the nighttime, as I would not have gone to sleep yet.

Q: What song of Moz's is the most sensuous?

A: Jack The Ripper, without question!

Q: What is your very favorite pic of Moz?

A: This one!

Q: So, how long have you been married?

A: It will be six months on April 21st.

Q: What are your favorite things about your husband?

A: Alan is the most intelligent person I have ever met. Not only does he have a wealth of knowlede at his fingertips, but, he also has the drive and desire to learn new things and understand how others feel and think. He is conscientious and considerate of how his actions affect others. He is very playful. He loves to be silly and tolerates my off-the-wall, crazy antics i.e. riding a bike down the isles of Sam's club. And most importantly--for me anyhow--he is resilient--seemingly able to cope with my high maintenance attitude without much effort i.e despite my unlovableness, he somehow succeeds at being loving towards me.

Q: Who do you love?

A: Not many, really: My Mom, David, Alan, my sister, my stepfather, my Dad, and Katie.

Q: Who do you hate?

A: No one. Oh wait, Hitler. Yes I hate that bastard with all my being. Burn in hell!

Q: Why do you love pigs so much?

A: I love pigs because they are very cute. They have compact little bodies, adorable faces, and lovely snouts. They are pink! They are highly intelligent and sociable. Lastly, they have great spokespigs: Wilbur, Arnold, and Babe.

The End.

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