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Sunday March 05, 06

Bravo Morrissey!!!

08:31 AM

Wow, wow, wow!

I got to listen to the entire album ROTT last night (via Amazon stream).

It blows YATQ out of the water--not that I am comparing. OK, I am. :) This album is absolutely fantastic. The music is so unique--violins, more violins... piano, blocks...

I am a huge fan of the piano. So, I am head over heals in love with this album!

As of right now, this is my ranking of the tracks:

Life Is A Pigsty (Perfection!)

You Have Killed Me (So catchy--a great choice for the first single.)

The Youngest Was The Most Loved (There is no such thing in life as normal. Aha, fantastic!!!)

The Father That Must Be Killed (Completely twisted. I love it!!! Stepchild... there's a knife in the drawer in the room downstairs. You know what you must do... these lyrics are priceless! And the kiddies are back on this one... telling the listener And the father that must be killed... This part is hilarious!)

At Last I Am Born (Lovely melody... the piano is awesome on this one. And Moz's voice... well, very nice... evocative. This one may just move to the top. Oh the kiddies again! Yippee! :))

On The Streets I Ran (That last line had me laughing out loud, hehe.)

To Me You Are A Work Of Art (Moz's humor shines through on this one.)

In The Future When All's Well (Love the percussion and rock feel on this track! Was that wood blocks I just heard?!)

Dear God Please Help Me (Beautiful... mellow... )

I Will See You In Far-off Places (I really love the Eastern feel of this song.)

I'll Never Be Anyone's Hero Now (Nice vocals--very pretty.)

I Just Want To See The Boy Happy (Interesting use of horn instruments at the end.)

Dare I say, THIS IS MY FAVORITE SOLO ALBUM?! After listening to it, I believe that this album's cover fits the contents PERFECTLY!


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