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Thursday March 02, 06

When was the last time?

04:32 AM

That you...

Pulled an all-nighter? ...Tonight?!

Watched the sunrise? ...This morning?! Does staying in the house count; or, do I need to actually bare witness to the event?

Made love? ...Jesus H. Christmas, none of your darn bee's wax! Who am I barking at??? I wrote the damn question, lol.

Felt insane? ...Well, one line up?! Talking to oneself is clearly a precursor to complete madness.

Applied lip balm? ...Just now. What a coincidence.

Is that enough questions? Or, should I shoot for ten?

Ticktock, ticktock...


OK, ten it is.

So, where were we? Ah yes, number seven...

When was the last time...

You did something illegal? ...Ya right, like I am going to say?! Please!

Rode a choo-choo train? ...Never. I bet it is loud in those dusty boxcars. I could never be a conductor. Flagstaff has many trains--choo-chooing by--every day. Lovely to look at. Fascinating really! That is until you catch one of them derailed on the 11 O'clock news. I'll ride in one in my dreams--promise! But, me too chicken to travel across the desert in one--in the awake life. I'd rather ride a dirt bike, thank you very much.

Got bored before finishing a project? ...How about now?! Was that question 8 or 9? Who is keeping track? Anyone?!

Shit! Taking a minute to count... yes, just one more to go...

Tried to be clever, but failed miserably? ... Right now! See the above for evidence, please. That is, if you won't simply take my word on it.

Hey, wait... I think that was 11, not ten. Humph!

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  • one of my favourite memories is riding the SW Chief from LAX to ABQ via FLG. I stopped in FLG a few days *you can do that on a sleeper ticket on Amtrak* no extra fare...

    this was in 1996...

    So you should go...get on Amtrak and just go.....
    Lon -- Thursday March 02 2006, @11:27AM (#201045)
    (User #121 Info)
  • 1) Pulled an all-nighter?
    Every night. Oh it's so fun being an insomniac.

    2) Watched the sunrise?
    Last summer i think, Isle of Wight festival.

    3) Made love?
    Grrr, due to him being a virgin it ain't happening and considering he's leaving next saturday it looks like it ain't happening for a long time yet.

    4) Felt insane?
    Every minute of every day.

    5) Applied lip balm?
    Never, what's it for? is it like lip stick?

    6)You did something illegal?
    If GBH counts then yesterday but they deserved it.

    7)Rode a choo-choo train?
    Everyday, i have to take one everywhere and i have to take THE SAME ONE everywhere

    8)Got bored before finishing a project?
    Too many times to count.

    9)Tried to be clever, but failed miserably?
    I don't even know where to begin.

    angelunimportant -- Thursday March 02 2006, @12:25PM (#201060)
    (User #14060 Info)
  • Damn,
    Now I want to pull an all nighter!
    Marisela -- Friday March 03 2006, @12:32AM (#201161)
    (User #1865 Info)

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