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Saturday January 07, 06

So tired

11:19 PM

I feel like I am truly spent. I have so little energy -- almost not enough to even cry. I feel like this year has ended with great sadness and a huge hangover of bad luck from the year before. I am sick of whining, sick of complaining, sick of asking for sympathy, and sick of feeling sick.

Last Saturday, an old mate of my son's took his life. I knew this kid pretty well. He was hyper, troubled, angry... hell, but I would never have guessed in a thousand years that he was suicidal. Another young man who fell through the cracks -- while the world stood by and did nothing -- but watch him fall, fall, fall to his death.

What the hell is going on in the world??? Something is really unbalanced. Suicide seems to be happening all around me. Just a month ago, a girl fell in front of a train -- just a hop, skip, and a jump away from where my son was ice-skating. An accident? I think not. I bet my right arm that she committed suicide. Do the papers reveal this? Hell no. Accidental death? Ah, just like my son's school friend -- died suddenly?! Oh, but if the deaths were due to a car accident or homicide one could guarantee that these horrible deaths would make the front page -- gory details and all. But no, not when it is a suicide. The privacy of the family must be protected. Please! Who is being protected? Not our children! If we can't openly talk about it, how can we learn? How can we develop preventative measures if we shove the facts -- the truth under the carpet? As long as we stigmatize these deaths and blanket the grief of the survivors in shame, we will continue to nurture the very foundations that allow suicide to flourish in silence.

Let's talk about it. Why did it happen? What happened? When? What were the signs? If we don't, who will be next?

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  • My friend's obituary read, "suddenly," too. Is this the tell-tale euphemism to be on the look-out for? Does anything bad ever get better by just ignoring it?
    alainsane -- Sunday January 08 2006, @03:27PM (#191254)
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  • I am very sorry to hear about that sad news. The taking of any life, on any level, is awful. Though a young life cut short is just tragic. How do things get so bad that a person with their whole life in front of them can even contemplate, let alone end it all?. Indeed, where does is become so desperate and hopeless that people can no longer talk to somebody about their problems, before things reach this level?. What are we doing about the self-inflicted deaths of young people?. Australia has one of the highest suicide rates in the world, particularly amongst young men. Are there many support groups in the States, Jehne?.
    LizzieCat -- Sunday January 08 2006, @03:38PM (#191255)
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    Mrs Forman
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