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Tuesday December 06, 05

a sad poem by a silly fool

07:38 PM

Wonder if we will be siblings in the next life, too.
There's hope for us, ya know, if reincarnation's true.

We can play ping pong, Kick The Can, and Marco Polo. We can be little kids again. Isn't that when we had the most fun?!

Growing older, is the pits, I agree. Time seems long when there is so much weight to carry.
And so I...

I don't know how long it will be, before we are siblings again. It may be a while. Will you wait for me, until then?

a silly little poem by a sad old fool

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  • I liked it very much.
    LizzieCat -- Wednesday December 07 2005, @03:38PM (#188082)
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    Mrs Forman
    • Re:Great Poem by redpathetic (Score:1) Wednesday December 07 2005, @07:03PM
      • Re:Great Poem by realitybites (Score:1) Wednesday December 07 2005, @07:51PM
    • Re:Great Poem (Score:2, Interesting)

      Thanks Laini. After I wrote it, I was not sure if I should leave it in my journal. I don't want anyone to worry. I've just been working through some things and sometimes my sadness comes to the forefront. I suppose I could have kept these painful feelings to myself. But I did that for so many years. I don't want to isolate myself anymore.
      realitybites -- Wednesday December 07 2005, @07:54PM (#188116)
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      • Re:Great Poem by LizzieCat (Score:1) Wednesday December 07 2005, @11:13PM

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