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Wednesday November 30, 05

Low blow

10:14 PM

Surely ya were just blowing off steam right?

Solo is a community of loyal fans. Most of us don't EVER insult Moz, Davidt, or Julia. We, the majority, have great respect for all three of these people. That is why it saddens me to see a whole group of posters, including its administrator, being dismissed as low.

We love (you) Moz. Our love and passion are the forces that keeps us united -- with common goals, one of which is to support you as an artist. There will always be a few bad seeds, who will continually attempt to spoil it for the rest of us. But they are failing in their efforts. Solo is thriving. It will survive -- because there are real people behind each and every keyboard stroke -- typing, sharing their love, and learning about the music, the man, each other, and even themselves.

Nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes. Nobody knows the truth except the four or so parties involved in this legal dispute. It would be wrong for me to pass any judgement when I was not there, nor do I know all the facts. All I know is that I love The Smiths and Moz's solo work. Any silly differences in opinion won't change that.

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