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Saturday November 19, 05

Good souls and bad souls

04:13 PM

I have done some really shitty things in my lifetime. I have stolen, cheated, lied, been neglectful, and said some hurtful things to a few people both on the net and in real time. I have done my best to right my wrongs. Why? Because I try to live by the golden rule. I don't believe in God. So, I am not trying to be good or better to receive a reward in the afterlife or to avoid punishment. I don't even believe in karma. Though I really am trying to. Why? Well for one, it would be nice to know that there is some sort of cosmic justice.

This last February, my brother committed suicide. My journal helped me through the painful feelings that I was experiencing. But my openness left me vulnerable. I was first called a liar. That I made up the story of my brother's death to get attention. Then a very evil Soloist hijacked a Photobucket account of mine. The pictures were paired with belts and slogans about hanging -- the method of which my brother chose to end his life.

It was inhumane -- cruelty at its finest. I wanted to leave Solo -- delete my journal. But instead I stayed. Then my personal details were posted on the forum: my name, address, family members' names etc. Even my brother's obituary was posted. His death was mocked. Then this same evil Soloist spammed my brother's online memorial guest book. Twenty-nine abusive messages were posted in it by the troll(s) of Solo. Fortunately, I was able to get the whole thing deleted. What a disgrace, an embarrassment to the human race. What kind of human(s) could muster the audacity to be so evil?

So what if karma is all bullshit?! When will these people be held accountable for their sins against humanity? Probably never.

What would be the gallant thing for this person(s) to do now -- in this lifetime? An apology would be a good start. First for calling me a liar, then mocking my loss of a sibling, and lastly for not taking back these accusations of me lying, once he/they realized I was telling the truth all along.

If you ask me to forgive you, I will. But only if you promise to never do this to another person again -- ever.

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  • ...where i always was.
    I always read your journal since you befriended me, (your wedding rings were absolutely beautiful btw [see, i have been reading!]) but I don't always have time to reply (have you seen my convos with poppycoctau?) But on this occasion i feel compelled to reply and tell you the trolls who did that to you account for >1% of humanity = the lowest of the low. To mock someone and their family in a time of grief is indefensable. There's no excuse, when i first started coming here it didnt take me long to discover the bullying you were subjected to, and it sickened me to think that supposed Morrissey "fans" could be so, well words can't even discribe. If i had known the whole story and used this site at the time i would have been able to fight your corner. Whatever you do don't lose faith, and the fact that you are even prepard to forgive those cretins shows you are the far higher person.
    As for me i dont believe in anything but i feel there must be an evil force and an equal force for good to make the world go round. sometimes i wish there was a god if only so we would get what we deserve in the next world. Take care of yourself :)

    p.s i have also been relating to "wish you were here" recently, especially the line "we're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl". Brilliant.
    xXx_Mrs_Moz_xXx -- Sunday November 20 2005, @12:59PM (#186089)
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    "The Earl of Sandwich invented the sandwich, Samuel Morse invented the Morse Code & Plato invented the plate"
  • There are some vile people out there in cyber-world, as we have both experienced. I am so sorry to hear about this and never knew you went through that on this site :-(
    LizzieCat -- Sunday November 20 2005, @05:35PM (#186103)
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    Mrs Forman
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  • ignore these cruel people
    they aren't worth it
    poor urchin -- Saturday November 26 2005, @09:26AM (#186678)
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